Mankind is a transnational pharmaceutical company that started operations in 1995. Committed to a healthier & happier world, Mankind Pharma strives to provide accessible & affordable healthcare whilst achieving best quality industry standards.
Mankind has grown exponentially to become India’s No.1 company as per Prescriptions.


#ItsOneLife is a public service initiative by Mankind Specialities and a comprehensive patient support program for patients with NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Depression, Asthma, COPD etc.

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Mankind Specialities is a super specialty division of Mankind Pharma, which started operations in Mumbai in the financial year 20-21 with the vision of serving the lives of millions of patients with innovative solutions, by offering quality and affordable products.


Our Vision & Mission


To be a global pharmaceutical company, most admired for its Affordability, Quality and Accessibility of products.

  • Global

    We provide pharmaceutical products across different geographic regions.

  • Pharmaceutical Company

    We strive to continuously innovate and deliver medications that meet the growing needs of society.

  • Widely Recognized

    We are respected and recognized by our patients, employees and even our competitors for delivering world-class products while maintaining our patient centricity, values and ethics.

  • Affordability

    We provide cost-effective and innovative healthcare solutions.

  • Quality

    We believe in providing superior quality products to our customers.

  • Accessibility

    Our products are available across the length and breadth of the market we operate.


To be able to provide cost-effective, innovation based superior quality pharmaceutical products across the globe, to improve the lives of the patients.

  • PurposeWe aim at providing high-quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices which help our patients in leading healthier lives.
  • ValueWe believe in innovation, and maintaining the superior quality of products is our top priority.
  • BusinessWe function at a global level and deliver best quality pharmaceutical products to all sections of the society.
  • ReachOur global presence makes pharmaceutical products available to all.
  • CustomerOur customer-centric approach makes us deliver top quality medicines at affordable prices to people who need them the most.